Teen Obsessed by “Dexter” Serial Killer Murdered & Dismembered Girlfriend

A teenager who was obsessed with “Dexter” the smash US TV programme about a serial killer, murdered his girlfriend and then dismembered her body.

Steven Miles (left) was so obsessed with the programme "Dexter" (bottom right) that he murdered his girlfriend (top right)

Steven Miles (left) was so obsessed with the programme “Dexter” (bottom right) that he murdered his girlfriend (top right)

17 year-old Elizabeth Thomas was the victim of a stabbing frenzy so ferocious that it was described to a court as “chilling, blood-curdling and sustained” by the prosecution.

A jury heard that Steven Miles, who was 16 at the time of the murder, killed his girlfriend in his bedroom and then wrapped her dismembered arms and legs in clingfilm and covered the body in a plastic garden sheet.

The jury was told that Miles used a variety of tools from his father’s tree surgeon business, including saws, to dismember the body at his home in Oxted, Surrey.

Miles told his family that he had another personality, an alter ego called Ed who made him do bad things. The court heard that Miles was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and fascinated by death and the macabre. He was fascinated by the character of Dexter, idolising the forensics expert who worked for the Miami police department who was also a practising serial killer.

Forensic officers at the Miles family home

Forensic officers at the Miles family home

Jailing Miles for 25 years, Judge Christopher Critchlow said: “This is a case of the utmost gravity, the horrific features of which are rarely heard in any court. Nothing this court can say or do, no sentence this court can impose can alleviate the pain suffered by Elizabeth Thomas’s family for death in such a terrible manner. There must be a life sentence.

“It’s hard for this court to remain unemotional. Their lives have been changed forever, it’s difficult to find the right words to describe the enormity of what you did to an innocent girl of 17-and-a-half. You decided at the age of 16 you had to kill somebody, you chose Elizabeth Thomas who tragically befriended you and who had stood up for you when people described you as different. It’s chilling to read that you described her on occasion as your project.”

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