A teenager killed her prematurely born baby by throwing it out of a second-floor window minutes after she went into labour, it’s been reported.1peepsThe unnamed 16-year-old went into labour in her sleep and gave birth alone in her bedroom at around 4am, according to authorities in the US. The baby was rushed to a hospital by ambulance but died on the way.

The distressed mother was also taken to hospital after the tragedy in Omaha, Nebraska, yesterday. Police and emergency services were called to an apartment complex after receiving several calls about the infant being thrown from the window, reports the New York Daily News. Once they arrived, responders discovered a woman performing CPR on a lifeless infant in the apartment complex car park.

The teenager told authorities she had been asleep and alone in her room when she unexpectedly went into labour. In a panic, the girl threw the baby out of her window before telling her mother what had happened. No charges have yet been brought against the teenager and police said postmortem results were not expected for several days.

Neighbour Anthony Goode, 21, said he awoke to the sound of screaming. When he looked out the window, he saw two women and a paramedic cradling a baby and walking towards an ambulance. “I saw one (of the women) saying ‘my baby, my baby,’ ” Goode told the Omaha World-Herald. “It was terrifying.”