1teenA teenager died after jumping out of his parents’ car and running out onto a busy motorway following a family argument. The 15-year-old’s family were unable to restrain him as he ran down the slip road by a service station and was hit by an oncoming car.

The teen, Iain Thornton, was airlifted from the scene by Charnock Richard services on the M6 near Chorley to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. Sadly, he died later that afternoon on August 30 2016, as a result of head injuries sustained from the collision.

While in the car on the way back from a family holiday, Iain’s parents, who live in Gloucester, found text messages on Iain’s phone which suggested he had been self-harming, an inquest heard. “This led to an argument when Iain’s mother Fiona said she thought Iain “should not hang out with these people”, Sergeant Lee Campbell told the inquest.

John Thornton, Iain’s father, decided to stop at Charnock Richard Services in order to allow the family to calm down. Iain opened the car door as it was still moving and ran down the slip road onto the M6 where he was struck by a Jaguar. The crash was witnessed by both Iain’s parents and his brother Russ, as well as numerous other witnesses.