Teacher’s Naked Selfie Could Get Her Sacked After Staff And Pupils See It

A female music teacher is facing the sack after she posted her naked selfie online and it was seen by colleagues and students.

Elena Kornyshonkova expected her photos to only be seen by a few friends

Elena Kornyshonkova expected her photos to only be seen by a few friends

Elena Kornyshonkova, a 40 year-old music teacher from the town of Konakov near the city of Tver in Western Russia, posted some naked photographs of herself on her Facebook page; she mistakenly thought that they could only be viewed by her close friends, but her privacy settings meant that they were accessible to anyone who looked at her profile.

School Governors at the school in Konakov were alerted to the pictures on VKontake, the Russian version of Facebook and when they saw the content they asked Ms Kornyshonkova to resign.

However, Ms Kornyshonkova refused and said there was nothing wrong with nudity; she also compared her life to other teachers and said that she lives a “more honourable life than many others working in the teaching profession.”

Ms Kornyshonkova, who has been working at the school since 2009, explained that the photographs were taken during a private holiday she had taken in Spain; she had intended that they would only been seen by a small handful of close friends, but instead she accidentally published them to a wider audience. School Governors have given her an ultimatum, however; Ms Kornyshonkova is to resign by next week, or face the sack.

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