Teacher Snapped Terrified Rabbit’s Neck In Front Of Horrified School Children

A teacher snapped a rabbit’s neck and then skinned the animal in front of a class of shocked school children.

Pupils were left traumatised by the killing

Pupils were left traumatised by the killing

The male teacher, who has not been identified, restrained the quivering animal and then snapped its neck. He then proceeded to skin and butcher the dead rabbit in order to “show children how meat is processed.”

Now the part-time teacher, who also breed animals, including rabbits, on his farm, has been forced to apolgosie for what he calls a lesson on the food and animal slaughter industry.

The incident came to light when furious parents called Columbia High School in Nampa, Idaho to complain about the trauma their 10th grade (Year 11) children had experienced. Parents have complained that their children have been left “disturbed” and “upset.”

A spokeswoman for the Nampa School District, Allison Westfall, declined to say whether the teacher would be facing disciplinary action, but did say: “It’s not something that’s done in our school.”

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