Suspect Shot “On Way To Calais” After This Morning’s Paris Terror Attack

The first pictures have emerged of a suspect being arrested near Calais after a car ploughed into soldiers in a Paris suburb this morning. The 37-year-old terror suspect was “seriously wounded” in a fierce gunfight with police officers between the northern port towns of Boulogne and Calais.

He was shot five times, while an officer was also hit by a bullet before the man was arrested. The arrest is in connection with an earlier incident in a Paris suburb – where a car ploughed into anti-terror soldiers as they were leaving their barracks.

The suspect was driving a black BMW on the A16 – a major road that links the Paris suburbs to the port town of Calais.  A witness saw the car – the same model as the one used in the attack – with several bullet holes in it. One policeman was wounded by a stray bullet in the operation.

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