Student Damon Smith Found Guilty Of Planting Bomb On Tube Train

A student who left a viable bomb on a London Underground train has been found guilty of explosives charges. Damon Smith, 20, from Rotherhithe in southeast London, left his device in the front carriage of a Jubilee Line train on 20 October last year. Had the device worked, it would have exploded just as people were being ordered off the platform at North Greenwich station.

The device contained gunpowder and metal ball bearings, packed into a metal flask. The timer – a cheap clock wired to a battery and lightbulb – failed to fully ignite the explosive mix. Prosecution experts said that if the device had exploded it would have caused damage to the train and, at the very least, injuries to those in the carriage.

Smith had a keen interest in Islam, guns, explosives and gambling, and collected pictures of extremists, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the 2015 Paris terror attacks. Questioned after his arrest, Smith told police he was brought up as a Christian, but Islam was “more true”. He denied being an extremist. The 20-year-old faces a lengthy jail term.

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