Storm Harvey Causes Tragedy As Family Of Six Die In Flooded Van

Police say they have recovered the bodies of six family members whose van was swept off a Houston bridge during Storm Harvey.  The van was carrying the Saldivar family when it was overtaken by violent flood waters near Greens Bayou in Houston on Sunday.

Driver Samuel Saldivar escaped through a window but was unable to rescue the other six passengers – his parents Belia Saldivar, 81, and Manuel, 84, along with their great-grandchildren Devy, 16, Dominic, 14, Xavier, 8, and Daisy, 6.  He survived by clinging onto a tree and was rescued by officers who were alerted to his shouts.

After floodwaters in the area receded, the van was spotted by family members and recovered by police. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said: “The family is devastated, we all are as well. Our worst fears have been realised.”

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