Stamford Hill On Lockdown – Mass Brawl Involving “Machetes & Swords – One Person Stabbed”

A north London estate was placed on lockdown amid reports of violence involving machetes, swords, hammers and bats — with police confirming one person was stabbed. Police descended on Stamford Hill near Lynmouth Road, where they cordoned off a large section of an estate.

A line of officers armed with shields were heard telling bystanders to steer clear of the area, while a police helicopter hovered overhead. One man said he saw a mob of up to 30 people attacking a car with bats and hammers.

A Twitter user named Jake McKeown posted images of a car with smashed windows, dents and a flat front tyre. He said the car was “destroyed by bats and hammers on lynmouth road in Stamford hill”. He added: “Not sure what people in the car did but around 20/30 very angry people were chasing it down the street. #stamfordhill.”

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