Spider Horror: Terrified Woman Discovers HUGE Arachnid & Its BABIES In Bedroom

A woman who was spring-cleaning has revealed her horror after confusing a huge family of spiders for a ball of dust in her bedroom. Posting pictures of the eight-legged beasts on Twitter, the woman called Lydia made the horrifying discovery at her home in Yorkshire.

The images show a massive spider dangling from the ceiling surrounded by dozens of tiny babies. Writing under the pictures, the 19-year-old, who describes herself as a make-up and special effects student, said she hadn’t noticed the spider before because that corner of her room is hidden behind shelves. The images soon garnered thousands of retweets by shocked internet users after they were posted two days ago.

One person commented: “My heart actually stopped beating when I saw this.” Another person quipped: “She better be paying rent with all them kids”. The spider is most likely one of the “sex-mad” arachnids scientists have warned will invade UK homes. Surrey and Liverpool residents have reported a huge influx of huge spiders invading their homes. And some are so big they have even been triggering burglar alarms as they creep around people’s houses.

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