Someone Phoned 999 To Grass Up The QUEEN To The Police – For Not Wearing A Seatbelt

Right, own up you lot – who grassed up Her Majesty? Someone genuinely thought it was necessary to call 999 when they spotted The Queen sitting in the back seat of her car – without a seat belt on.

Not only was this a bad idea as 999 is strictly reserved for emergencies, but the caller was phoning from the West Midlands. So they got through to the local police force, even though the monarch was travelling through London before making the Queen’s Speech. The incident was revealed on Twitter by West Yorkshire Police’s Contact Centre.

Yes, this actually happened – but whether the caller was concerned for her safety or just wanted to get the monarch in a bit of trouble, we’ll probably never know. No one likes a grass, and when it comes to Her Majesty, the Queen can do whatever she likes. Under UK law, she cannot be prosecuted via civil or criminal proceedings.

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