Soldier Killed, Others Injured After Explosion At Tank Training Base In Wales

A soldier has been killed and three injured when a shell exploded in their tank during a “live fire” exercise in Wales, it was announced today. The soldier from the Royal Tank Regiment – the oldest tank force in the world – died during the training at Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire.

It is believed that a round exploded in a tank’s turret causing the vehicle to explode at the only UK Army range used for direct-fire live gunnery exercises. The soldier, who hasn’t been named, was airlifted to hospital but later died. Three other soldiers were injured but their condition was not revealed by the Ministry of Defence.

The tragedy happened on Wednesday at the planned “live fire” exercise in the Challenger 2 tank used by the British Military in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. An investigation into what happened at the facility is underway.

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