Snow showers have hit parts of Scotland and northern England with more wintry weather forecast. Snow and hail could hit “just about anywhere in the UK” on Tuesday, as commuters are warned to expect tricky driving conditions. Monday evening saw snow in the Scottish Highlands, Cumbria and North Yorkshire among other areas.

The Met Office said the blast of Arctic weather which has brought snow to parts of Scotland will move into England over the next 36 hours. However the northern hills are most likely to see snow, which forecasters say is unlikely to settle on lower ground.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said: “There’s a possibility of wintry showers just about anywhere in the UK tomorrow but more likely is that people anywhere, really, could see hail. In the south, it’s possible the people could see sleety rain or hail for some time.” Mr Madge said late April snow was not unusual. He added: “It’s possibly created a bit of a surprise for people because we’ve had such a mild March.