Skydiver Messages Wife Saying “He’s Not Going To Pull Parachute Cord” Then Jumps To His Death

A suicidal skydiver sent a video to his wife telling her he wasn’t going to pull the cord on his parachute just seconds before he leaped to his death. Capotorto Vitantonio jumped from a plane Tuesday morning about 10am, just moments before the crew received an urgent message from dispatchers on the ground, urging them to stop him.

Distraught wife Costansa Litellini, 25, ran into the Skydive Deland building in Florida, begging employee Tara Richards to stop her husband from sky diving. Litellini had just received a video from him, saying he was “not going to pull the cord and that he was going somewhere wonderful,” police said. Richards immediately radioed the plane, according to a police report, but Capotorto, 27, had already jumped.

A police report said Capotorto, an experienced sky diver with 600 jumps, didn’t open his parachute and his body was eventually found, face down in an open field near the runway.

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