A six-week-old baby girl has died after her mum pushed her pram into a lift when the doors opened – only to find the lift wasn’t there.1babyThe tot plunged down the shaft from the 23rd floor of the block of flats and landed on the top of the elevator car. According to police the little girl has been identified as Areej Ali.

The accident happened yesterday in an apartment building in Coney Island, New York. Her devastated mother, Aberaqed Al-Rabah, 21, saw the little girl plummet a distance of 17 floors. Medics rushed to the scene and took the tot to hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Jeff Delacruz, who lives in the complex told the New York Post his aunt works at the hospital and spoke to the baby’s mother. He said: “She keeps saying ‘Everything is okay. It’s okay. God only gave me my baby for one month.’

According to WPIX, residents had made numerous complaints about the lift which had been filed with the Buildings Department. The lifts had been reported not working twice last month. Police are investigating.