Sick Rapist Forced Pregnant Victim to Breastfeed Him

A perverted attacker who raped a pregnant woman and forced her to breastfeed claimed that he “lived by the word of God.”

A court has heard how 50 year-old Kevin Gibbons subjected two women to horrific attacks, brutally raping them before imprisoning them and claiming he was following God’s “teaching.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard testimony from Detective Constable Sheena Maerevoet, who said: “At the heart of this investigation are two innocent women who were subjected to years of horrific sexual and physical abuse.” DC Maerevoet went on to describe Gibbons as “one of the most vile, controlling, abusive and cowardly men I have ever encountered during all my years in policing.”

Kevin Gibbons poses a "significant risk" of sexual and psychological harm to women

Kevin Gibbons poses a “significant risk” of sexual and psychological harm to women

Gibbons raped one of his victims while she was pregnant and again shortly after she had given birth, making her breastfeed him. Her evidence described her consequential breakdown and thoughts of suicide. His other victim told the court she felt he had “sucked the life out of [her].”

As well imprisoning both women, he stalked, filmed and blackmailed them. Gibbons stood accused of three counts of rape, two counts of false imprisonment, three counts of indecent assault, a stalking charge and two counts of child cruelty, one of which accused him of holding a baby by the ankles and threatening to let it drop on its head. Gibbons pleaded not guilty to all the charges, but was found guilty of eleven offences after a trial that lasted three weeks.

Gibbons received 25 years at Liverpool Crown Court

Gibbons received 25 years at Liverpool Crown Court

Gibbons was jailed yesterday by a judge for 25 years; the judge described Gibbons as “manipulative, controlling, obsessive and domineering” and said that he posed a significant risk to women of causing them serious sexual and psychological.

Gibbons was described by the judge as being at significant risk of causing serious sexual and psychological harm to women.

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