Sick Paedophile Moved After Caught Spying On Boys Playing Football

A paedophile has had to be rehomed just days after his release from prison, after an member of the public spotted him watching young boys who were playing football outside a leisure centre.

John McDermott served five years of a ten-year sentence

John McDermott served five years of a ten-year sentence

Members of the community of Dromore, a quiet village in County Down were horrified when John McDermott, a 64 year-old paedophile moved into their village three weeks ago after serving five years of a ten-year sentence handed down for abuses carried out for nearly 40 years.

Locals were particularly worried as McDermott was housed just five minutes’ walk from a leisure centre popular with children and less than ten minutes’ walk from a park where children congregate to hang out with their friends and play games.

There is palpable relief in the village now that McDermott has been moved; he left with his probation officer and the house now has a “For Rent” sign outside. A campaigner for the victims of McDermott, and one of his victims himself, Michael Connolly said: “I’ve no doubt in my mind Johnny McDermott will attack again. He won’t be able to help himself.”

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