Sick Brits Are Getting Maddie McCann Tattoos On Holiday In Magaluf

Shameless Brits on holiday in Magaluf are reportedly getting tattoos mocking the disappearance of Madeleine McCann . A sickening photo has emerged of a man who appears to have a vile Madeleine tattoo on his leg, which reads: “I stole Madeleine McCann” above a heart.

But he’s not the only one according to fellow holidaymakers at the famous party resort. They say in recent years there has been a growing trend for Brit drinkers to get the most tasteless tattoos possible. And some twisted drunks see Maddie’s well-publicised disappearance from a holiday resort 10 years ago as something to joke about.

One parlour worker told The Daily Star : “We get loads of crazy Brits in here asking for all sorts of tatts. “We’ll do whatever they want, even if it’s offensive. Some people might say it’s a bit sick but it’s not going on our bodies and it’s the person’s decision.”

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