Sick Babysitter Had Sex With Couple’s 10 Year-Old Son – In Room He Shared With Brothers

Police said that a babysitter who was supposed to be watching three little boys crept into their room to abuse one of them while the others slept on.

Marybeth Rataic faces a host of felony charges

Marybeth Rataic faces a host of felony charges

25 year-old Marybeth Rataic is alleged to have sex with a 10 year-old boy on three occasions; the abuse came to light when the boy’s mother noticed a love-bite on his neck. The boy then told his mother about the abuse and the police were informed.

Rataic, who is from Willimantic, Connecticut, is now facing 10 felony charges concerning the abuse she inflicted on her friend’s son. One of the times she is alleged to have had sex with the boy was while she was looking after him while his mother – her friend – was in hospital giving birth to her fourth child.

Rataic has denied the sexually abuse, instead claiming that the 10 year-old forced himself on her; she claimes she told him to stop and attempted to push him off her. She did not report it or mention it because she says she was “embarrassed,” but her friend said Rataic still cares about her friend’s son “even after everything that went on.”

Rataic appeared at Meriden Superior Court on Tuesday charged with three counts of first-degree sexual assault. She also faces seven counts of risk of injury to a minor/impairing the morals of children. The judge kept her bond at $150,000 and ordered her to have no contact with the child; her defence team requested at mental health watch in case of possible psychological issues.

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