Sick Acid Attack To Rock EastEnders – Louise Mitchell Left Disfigured?

EastEnders’ Louise Mitchell could be about to be the victim of a sick acid attack. The teenager has been targeted by bullies Madison Drake and Alexandra D’Costa for some time now. But it is set to reach a head at tonight’s school prom, which Louise attends with friends Bex Fowler, Shakil Kazemi and boyfriend Travis Law-Hughes.

Looking at the dramatic trailer for the night, the prom is set to take a tragic twist as someone’s body can be seen lying in the middle of the school hall. It seemed that Louise was going to be killed off as she was seen falling from a height after being pushed by the two bullies. But is she actually going to be the victim of another crime at the hands of the bullies?

After seeing Louise getting approached a modelling talent scout, fans have predicted that Louise is actually going to have acid thrown over her. One posted on social media: “Does Louise have acid thrown in her face to destroy her modelling chances?” Another added: “I think Alex and Mads will throw acid at Louise; hence the modelling offer before.” A third chipped in: “Now Louise has randomly been offered a modelling contract I’ve a feeling whatever happens at the prom will leave her with a scar.”

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