Shocking Coronation Street STABBING Leaves Fans Horrified This Evening

Coronation Street fans were left horrified this evening as a terrified Bethany Platt ended up STABBING Gary Windass with a shard of glass. Bethany had planned to go with her mum Sarah, but vile grooming fiance Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper) had manipulated into staying at the flat and meeting a “pal”. She agreed but was overcome with fear and ended up downing copious volumes of vodka and passed out.

Sarah and Gary carried her home, but she later became hysterical, hurling glass and furniture across the room. Holding a shard of glass out in front of her, Bethany threatened Gary and said that she would use it if she didn’t let him through. When he stood firm she lunged at him and stabbed him in the arm before fleeing. Bethany was left sitting underneath a bridge at the end of the episode.Tinaandlucyfan tweeted: “That episode was honestly SO heartbreaking I can’t deal 😩💔 just wish Sarah & Bethany would be happy again & not so heartbroken 🙁 #Corrie” while Ryan added: “Poor sarah!!😢 She was only doing the best for her daughter bethany… now sarah thinks she’s lost her own daughter for good!!😱#Corrie”. Kellie agreed, tweeting: “My heart is breaking for Bethany she’s so scared and unsure what to do for the better!! @lufallon is an incredible actress 🙌🏻 #Corrie”

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