Shock For Man When Knife Falls From Sky And Lands In His Head

A man had a lucky escape when a knife that fell from an eighth-storey balcony landed on his head and embedded itself there; amazingly, however, he didn’t even notice!

Mr Xiao was rushed to intensive care to have the knife removed

Mr Xiao was rushed to intensive care to have the knife removed

57 year-old Xiao Yunzhi was walking though his hometown of Guangyuan in the Sichaun Province of China, when the knife fell from the sky and landed in his head. Mr Xiao did not notice he had been stabbed, despite noticing that his head began to feel heavy.

As Mr Xiao strolled past his local tobacco shop, the amazed shop-keeper pointed out the knife and suddenly pain flooded Mr Xiao’s body and passers-by rang for an ambulance. Mr Xiao was rushed to intensive care, the knife was removed and Mr Xiao was treated for his head injury.

The man’s sister explained the situation: “It was terrifying to see, The knife handle was sticking out of the top. He is stable but is not fully out of danger yet; he cannot use the phone yet in case it has an effect on his condition.” Mr Xiao’s sister also explained that the knife appeared to belong to a Mr Wu, who had left the five-inch blade on top of a flowerpot on his balcony, never suspecting for a second that it would fall off: “They told the police that the wind must have blown it off. They have already come to visit my brother in the hospital and have paid some of his medical bills.”

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