1towieSam Faiers is ditching Essex for Los Angeles. The former TOWIE star announces to her family in The Mummy Diaries tonight that she, boyfriend Paul Knightley and their baby will be moving across the pond in the not too distant future.

Unsurprisingly, the news does not go down well. In a teaser clip released by ITV today, the reality beauty can be seen sending a text to her mum which reads: “Hello Mumma. Am organising a nice family meal for Wednesday. Put in the diary, love you.”

Suzanne then shows the text to her other daughter Billie and comments: “What, is there some kind of announcement?” Later, Sam is seen taking her sister to one side before the big dinner to reveal her plans. But Billie isn’t impressed and calls her sibling “out of order” for wanting to move so far away. However, she is sworn to secrecy.

Moments later, the TOWIE beauty then shares her news with the rest of the family – and they are devastated. Paul’s mother Gaynor is on the verge of tears, and cries: “I can’t believe it. I can’t even speak about this.”