The reality star has taken to Twitter to tell her fans she has been arrested.1jodie“You thought I was a bad girl cos I’m covered in tattoos and ride Harleys….. now I’m the ULTIMATE bad girl #arrested,” she bellowed on the social media site. “To sum up; I have been arrested and charged with ‘harassment’.“I’m a very bad girl.”

Luckily the glamour model’s management company have since added a little background to her tweets, and blasted the allegations – which come from her ex-husband James Placido – as “utterly ridiculous.”

Jodie and James split acrimoniously back in April following a whirlwind romance – and it sounds like they’ve both had a pretty tough time of it since, with James’s financial situation causing a wee bit of friction.

“I think he’s back in his caravan,” 37-year-old Jodie recently told The Sun. “Now it’s either I move house or to another country. If he doesn’t move countries, I will, put it that way. We’re not dealing with a normal situation here, it’s a massive massive worry.”