Shock As First-Time Flier Opens Plane’s EMERGENCY EXIT For Fresh Air – VIDEO

Crew on an aeroplane were forced to act quickly when a passenger opened the emergency exit.

A stewardess acts quickly to shut the door

A stewardess acts quickly to shut the door

The Chinese domestic flight was sitting on the tarmac at Hangzhou, awaiting take-off for a flight to Chengdu.

Stewardesses working on the Xiamen Airlines rushed to close the door after a passenger on his first flight felt the need for fresh air and opened the emergency exit.

The plane’s automatic emergency systems kicked in, deploying the emergency slide system while other passengers took photos from inside the plane. The slide can been seen inflating on the airport’s CCTV footage.

The slide was repacked, the door firmly closed and the plane was even able to depart at its scheduled time.

Posting pictures to social media, one passenger said: “He told the attendants he just wanted some fresh air … hope our flight won’t be delayed for too long.”

The first-time passenger was allowed to remain on the flight and was not sanctioned. A spokesman for Xiamen Air said: “It was his first travel by air – he did not cause delay or any other direct loss to the airline.”


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