Emmerdale has just killed off one of its characters in one of the soap’s most shocking and devastating moments ever.12345Thursday’s double bill of the show – which had been expected to just be a run-of-the-mill pair of episodes – revealed that Holly Barton was dead after a drugs overdose. Holly’s mum Moira was confused as she struggled to wake her up in the morning, until the terrible realisation dawned on her that Holly was dead.

It soon became clear that Holly had succumbed to her heroin addiction once again, much to the distress of her grieving family. While news had leaked that Holly would be leaving the show, the rumours weren’t confirmed by Emmerdale ahead of transmission.

There’d also been no indication that Holly would lose her life, or that any big events would happen tonight, making this one of the most surprising moments that Emmerdale has ever pulled off.

When news leaked in August that Sophie Powles had already filmed her final scenes as Holly, Emmerdale sources claimed that she “never saw coming back as a full-time thing” and would now be pursuing new opportunities away from the show.