The show has barely launched and a dancer has already received an injury.1WillYWill Young is the first celeb to be struck down, just ahead of the first show where he doesn’t even do that much dancing. However, the injury wasn’t even sustained through a fast-footed mishap. But still Will is nursing his injured ankle and everyone’s hoping it will be better in time for the show.

The singer admitted to reporters earlier this week it was a step that was his nemesis. He’d popped out for a cigarette and one little stair caused him to come a-cropper.

He said: ‘I’ve hurt my ankle. I slipped on a step. It’s not as bad as I’m making out but I’m trying to get sympathy.’ The 37-year-old added: ‘I’m just clumsy. I just tripped over a step. I think I was going out for a cigarette and I tripped over a step.’

It’s fine though really, as according to the odds he’s not that likely to win anyway. bwin claims it’s more likely to be a 20-29-year-old so he doesn’t need to overdo that poor ankle.