Sharon Osbourne Loses A TOOTH Live On Air During TV Show – VIDEO

Sharon Osbourne was responsible for an outbreak of laughter and guffaws when the unexpected happened during live TV.

In, out, shake it all about!

In, out, shake it all about!

Sharon is never backwards in coming forwards, but The Talk’s outspoken host was temporarily lost for words when she lost a tooth during the filming of her latest show.

As the guests descended into gales of laughter, Sharon was left clutching her mouth and squawking: “Oh s***! My tooth is falling off!”

Sharon then produced the offending tooth, and told the team who were nearly in paroxysms of giggles by this point, that it was just a “fake” one:

“Oh no problem it’s one of those implants. It’s an implant!”

However, the show must go on, and Sharon turned to the audience:

“I spent a bloody fortune on this f****** thing, it’s falling out!

“What do I do? No seriously has anyone got any glue? We have to take an emergency tooth break.”

Sharon continued the show with a handy finger covering the now-obvious gap – ever the consummate professional!


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