Seven-Month-Old Baby Dies In Hot Car After “Dad Forgets To Drop Him At Childminder’s”

A baby has died after his father left in in a boiling hot car for ten hours after forgetting to drop him off with his childminder, it has been reported.

Seven-month-old Justin Huynh was found dead inside the vehicle in Houston, Texas, at around 7.30pm on Friday evening. The tot’s father is said to have dropped his other children off at nursery on the morning of June 23. But the unnamed 36-year-old reportedly forgot about his infant son, who is usually left with a childminder.

Instead, he drove to his job at 9am and went to work – leaving the car with little Justin in it to sizzle in the Texas summer sun. The South Western US has been in the grip of a heatwave and temperatures in Houston reached the high 30s on the day in question. The boy’s father is only said to have realised his terrible mistake when his wife rang him at around 7.30pm to ask where their son was.

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