September Heatwave Will See Britain Hotter Than Morocco

Summer is coming back – with a bang! A mini-heatwave with the mercury up to 27°C, making it hotter than Morocco, is on the way thanks to tropical storm Cristobel. Cristobal is currently crossing the Atlantic from the Caribbean and this means that high pressure will start to build over the UK.

Although there will be a cloudy and soggy start to the week, warmer conditions are forecast for the middle of the week onward as Cristobal sucks hot air to Britain from the South-West.

Britain's beaches are set to be packed!

Britain’s beaches are set to be packed!

A forecaster for the Met Office said: “As we go into the middle of the week we have high pressure building and we have warmer conditions coming in,” adding that central Southern areas will see the week’s best weather. The Met Office described the latter part of this week as “very warm” expecting a high of 23°C on Wednesday and climbing temperatures thereafter.

Krista Mitchell from the Met Office said: ““After rain into Monday, Cristobal will pull up warm air from the south-west, with high pressure building and settled weather through the week. 22-23°C is forecast quite widely for England by Wednesday, with temperatures likely to build day-by-day.”

Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze agreed: “It will be fine and warm for much of the week, with a chance of 27°C later in the week. 27°C is pretty impressive for September.”

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