Schoolboys Help Themselves To £300 Of Food & Booze After Sainsbury’s “Lock In”

Two young schoolboys helped themselves to £300 of alcohol and food after staging at ‘lock in’ at Sainsbury’s . The boys, thought to be aged 12 and 13, roamed the aisles of the supermarket for four hours after hiding before the store closed.

It’s claimed the pair helped themselves to hundreds of pounds worth of food and booze as they roamed the aisles before being discovered at 2am by stunned early-morning workers starting their shift. It is believed the boys had around £300 worth of goods on them when they were eventually found.

A source said the boys hid in the clothing department until the store closed at 10pm last Monday before “ransacking” it. The source said: “The two boys were locked in for hours as the doors get locked at 10pm … The two boys had worked their way through hundreds of pounds worth of food and alcohol and helped themselves to various other products before being discovered.”

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