Sad News For Emmerdale Fans As Favourite Character Set To Be Killed Off

If Emmerdale keeps on losing stars at this rate, they’ll have to close The Woolpack and sell off the farm’s livestock.  It has been revealed that baddie Emma Barton is being killed off later this year — but star Gillian Kearney doesn’t want to go.

A source said: “The writers were looking for their big summer story and they decided Emma would be at the centre of it. They felt there had to be retribution for all the trouble she’s caused. They are going to be writing in more devious storylines for her and building her into a complete psycho.  “Gillian had a discussion to see if they would leave the door open for Emma but they wanted a dramatic death.

“It’s put a few noses out of joint, as there’s a feeling that the actors who put in the graft are not being recognised and either made to leave or killed off.” Villainous Emma killed her husband James, played by Bill, as part of the soap’s big stunt week last year. She then cruelly toyed with witness and dementia-sufferer Ashley Thomas.

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