Russian Wind “The Beast From The East” Bringing Temperatures of MINUS 10°C

Forecasters are warning that Britain is about to be on the receiving end of a weather-wallop.

Temperatures will plunge to -10°C in December as icy Russian winds blast the UK. The “Beast from the East” will cast Britain into conditions similar to the big freeze of December 2010, when the mercury did indeed plummet to 10 degrees below freezing. Once an icy spell begins, it is likely to last for a week or more.

The Beast from the East is likely to bring similar conditions to those of December 2010

The Beast from the East is likely to bring similar conditions to those of December 2010

And Britain is set to get a battering from both sides; Atlantic storms, raging at more than 60mph will bring rain and flooding and cause travel misery.

The Met Office forecast for the next three months says: “Winds will change from westerly to an easterly phase which can lead to a greater incidence of blocking patterns, increasing the probability of cold weather.”

The weather this week is set to bring more misery as rain continues to blanket the country, following on from Saturday’s downpours, when more than 10 days’ worth of rain fell in six hours. Most of the country will experience rain for most of the week and areas prone to flooding have been warned to be prepared.

The Met Office has warned of gales coming with the rain: “A succession of fronts will come in due to an Atlantic-dominated westerly flow. Conditions can be bad with these heavy rain events and there may well be local impacts to travel. Blustery, heavy showers follow with a risk of thunder, before more wet, windy weather countrywide on Thursday and 40-50mph gusts, perhaps 60mph in the south-west, and strong winds as the front pushes north.”

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