Rollercoaster Horror – Alton Towers’ Notorious “Smiler” Ride Breaks Down Stranding Riders

The Alton Towers Smiler rollercoaster broke down yesterday due to a technical fault – just over two years since the notorious crash . Riders were stuck on the ride when it stopped half way through its loop. Visitors to Alton Towers theme park posted pictures to social media of the stopped ride – with some of those on it stuck in a vertical climb.

One poster who recorded the incident on Snapchat said: “Over a year after the accident and they’re stuck again!!” Another shot showed a technician climbing stairs to get to those trapped onboard while several onlookers recorded videos.

The £18m Smiler is a 14-loop steel-built ride and holds the world record for the greatest number of inversions on a roller coaster. But it has been beset by technical problems since its launch in May 2013. On June 2, 2015, a loaded train collided with an empty test train, causing serious injuries to a number of riders. Two teenagers – Vicky Balch and Leah Washington – needed their legs amputating after the crash.

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