Rolf Harris Caught Up In Prison Brawl

Disgraced paedophile Rolf Harris has been involved in a jailhouse brawl which kicked off after a fellow inmate spat at him.

Rolf Harris was spat at in the scuffle that deteriorated into a brawl

Rolf Harris was spat at in the scuffle that deteriorated into a brawl

84 year-old Harris has been subjected to calls of “nonce” and “kiddie-fiddler” and as he was walking through HMP Bullingdon in Oxfordshire, one prisoner decided to take the abuse one step further, spitting at Harris as he passed by.

One source at the prison, where Harris is serving five years and nine months for indecent assaults on girls as young as seven, said:

“There was one prisoner who looks like he wanted to make a name for himself and tried to spit at him. It didn’t hit, but it got close. Then all of a sudden another guy came steaming in and a fight started. You could see Rolf was shocked by what happened.”

The news of the prison fight broke not long after the revelation that Harris’s defence team has lodged his application to appeal his twelve convictions. Harris remains in the news as various campaigners have declared his sentence to be too lenient, pointing to the fact that he will be free in less than three years. One of his victims said: “It’s beyond belief for Harris to appeal and feels such an insult. Perhaps I should have expected it but it’s still a shock.”

Scotland Yard has also confirmed that is investigating fresh allegations against the former popular TV personality.

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