Rock Superstar “Struggling” To Find Money To Support His Baby Girl

Despite earning £millions from his recording career, Liam is “struggling” for cash.

Liam Gallagher and the mother of his 18 month-old daughter, Liza Ghorbani, have been told to attend a deposition in the US in order to try to resolve an ongoing dispute about a maintenance settlement for baby Gemma.

However, the judge on the case, Laura Draga, has said that even though she is aware that “everybody’s trying to resolve this case,” she is aware that former Oasis frontman is finding “securing some funds” tricky.

Part of the difficulties in reaching a settlement stem from the fall-out from Gallagher’s divorce from former All Saints star Nicole Appleton.

Liam’s lawyer Raoul Felder, told the media in the US: “The divorce in Britain is a complicating factor.” Liam and Nicole’s five-year marriage fell apart last year after his affair with Ghorbani, who was working as a journalist in New York. However, their divorce has not been finalised as yet.

It is reported that Ghorbani’s legal team has rejected an offer of £3,000 a month towards the cost of raising Gemma and Mr Felder said that Ghorbani has failed to respond to alternative offers and keeps changing her demands: “She’s a very hard lady to satisfy.This has been a tortuous route.”

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