Rap Star Injured In Horrific Head-On Crash With “Drunk Driver”

Macklemore has been injured in a head-on crash after a ‘drink-driver’ smashed their pick-up truck into Thrift Shop star’s Mercedes, reports have claimed. The rapper, 34, was travelling with two other passengers in Langley, Washington, USA, on Friday, when the incident happened at around 11pm.

The oncoming driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt when he came around a bend crossing over the traffic lane, according to the site. After slamming into the windshield, the driver was said to have suffered a head wound and was left unconscious.

Macklemore, who was driving a Mercedes Benz, was amazingly able to walk away without major injuries. But a passenger in the musician’s vehicle was treated for a cut on the head. Police questioned the alleged drunk driver, who is said to have revealed he consumed alcohol “a while back” and when quizzed on the amount of booze he drank, the unidentified driver allegedly responded “five o’clock”.

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