Puppy Farm Murderer Guilty – “He Threatened To Blow My Head Off”

A man who stood trial for the murder of a mother and her daughter in what was described as a “scene of carnage” has been found guilty.

John Lowe "put the women down"

John Lowe “put the women down”

Guildford Crown Court heard how 82 year-old John Lowe was originally planning to kill his four dogs, but murdered his partner, 66 year-old Christine Lee and her daughter Lucy Lee, aged 40.

 Lowe shot Christine and Lucy at his farm in Surrey Christine’s body was discovered in a farm building and her daughter’s body was found just outside, near the animal pens.   After his arrest, Lowe told police that they “had to be put down.”
Jurors listened to a desperate 999 call from Lucy Lee; she told the operator: “I don’t know if I’m going to be alive if I go back in there. He shot my mum.”
Stacey Banner, Christine’s other daughter, told the court that she “ran for her life” the year before her mother’s murder when John Lowe threatened her with a gun and said he would “blow her head off.”

Stacy Banner said she “ran for her life” when dog breeder John Lowe made the threat the year before he shot her mother Christine Lee and sister Lucy Lee dead.

Christine Lee had been shot in the chest from less than a foot away; according to the post-mortem, her daughter Lucy received a fatal shot to the back of the head.

The court also heard from PC Richard McEwan, an officer who had detained Lowe after the arrest. PC McEwan told the court that Lowe had said to him: “They had to be put down. There was nothing else I could do. I have had terrible problems with Christine. They wouldn’t let me eat.”  PC McEwan said that Lowe had told him he was “glad the torment’s over with those people,” because he “couldn’t take it anymore.”

Another officer, PC Christopher Fairclough, gave evidence to say he had heard Lowe say: “I am not sorry. I am out of the problem. They are causing me problems every day.”

The trial continues.

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