Princess Charlotte has taken her first official engagement in her stride in Canada, as she was seen walking in public for the first time РSCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO.1charThe little 16-month-old was joined by big brother Prince George, who is three, at a garden party held at Governor House in Victoria.  The Royal children have been staying there with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with their nanny looking after them while their parents travel around British Columbia and the Yukon on the rest of the Royal tour.

After being carried down some steps into the garden party Princess Charlotte was keen for her mother to put her down, and soon ran off towards a large arch made from balloons, beaming back at her mother. Prince George also joined his little sister, hitting the balloons in a more boisterous way.

While George and William blew bubbles, Princess Charlotte had a dance with mum Kate, sat on a giant white fluffy dog and started to master a key part of royal engagements, accepting balloon flowers from another party guest. ¬†According to People, Charlotte could be heard saying “pop, pop,” about the balloons.

And if William and Kate had been worried about any tears or tantrums they had little to worry about. Both children behaved themselves, even if Prince George did get a little stroppy when he wanted his sister’s balloon flowers.