Prince Harry Involved In High-Speed Crash

Prince Harry’s motorcade has been ┬áinvolved in a head-on collision.

Prince Harry was visibly distressed by the accident

Prince Harry was visibly distressed by the accident

A police motorcyclist was thrown from his motorbike after a head-on collision with a taxi. The motorcade was near Regent’s Park in London taking Prince Harry to the Invictus Games when the officer was involved in the accident with a Toyota Prius.

The police officer was rushed to hospital after the head-on collision and the driver of the Toyota had to be cut free of his smashed vehicle and is still in hospital in a “non-life-threatening” condition.

Prince Harry, who stayed in his car during the commotion, appeared visibly “distressed” according to an eye-witness: “”I could see Prince Harry clearly in the back of the car with his head in his hands. He looked really distressed and was constantly looking back over his shoulder to see what was happening. It was clear that for security reasons had to stay in the car.”

The collision occurred at the junction between Prince Albert Road and Regent’s Park at about 9.40am yesterday morning. Police officers helped with the clear up and some local road closures were in force while that was effected. The Met’s Road Traffic Investigation Unit are looking into the collision, but no arrests have been made as yet.

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