A pregnant woman has told of her horror as a stranger slashed open her womb and tore out her unborn baby with two kitchen knives.1infantMichelle Wilkins was attacked by fantasist Dynel Lane after being lured to her house with an ad for second hand baby clothes. Lane was obsessed by pregnancy and had been telling her boyfriend she was pregnant for months, but when he became suspicious she decided the only way to keep up the fantasy was to steal a newborn baby.

Now Michelle has spoken about nightmarish experience for the first time after her attacker was jailed in May. She has described her ordeal in harrowing detail – including when she woke up and “felt my intestines fall out of my body as I tried to get up”. Talking about of arriving at Lane’s house that fateful day, she described chatting to her attacker for an hour, saying: “She seemed so normal.”

But when the mum-to-be tried to leave, she offered to show her some more clothes in her basement and brutally attacked her. Despite having lost more than half of her blood, Michelle managed to get to a phone and call for help. She had to be resuscitated by doctors after her heart stopped and woke up in hospital with her baby’s father by her side.

He told her the news that their child, whom they named Aurora, hadn’t survived. She said: “I couldn’t even cry because I had a breathing tube in my throat and a feeding tube down my nose.” Two days later she was brought the cold, lifeless body of her tragic daughter – which she dressed, cradled and sung to. Michelle said: “Those were the only moments with my daughter so I treasure them. But it was so very sad.”