Pregnant Mums Drowns Her Children – Wrote “I Love You” On Their Bodies Then Killed Herself

The bodies of three children were tucked into bed and then their mother hurled herself to her death from a nearby car park.

Levina, three, Addy, two and 11-month-old Kyden, with their father Craig.

Levina, three, Addy, two and 11-month-old Kyden, with their father Craig.

23 year-old Fiona Anderson was pregnant with her fourth child when she killed her children and then herself.

Police found that Ms Anderson had drowned her children, tucked them into bed, kissed them and written “I love you” on their bodies. Written on the walls of their Lowestoft home in Suffolk, was the poignant message: “I put them to bed with their bear bears – they loved their bears. I love them and I’m going to keep them safe. They’re cuddled up together sleeping. They look so peaceful.”

The bodies of the three children – Levina, three, Addy, two and 11-month-old Kyden – were found in their mother’s double bed in April last year. The children appeared to have been drowned in the family bath but not restrained or assaulted.

An inquest into the deaths heard how Ms Anderson had argued with the children’s father, Craig McClellan, as they had separated and he had begun a new relationship. After the row, during which she attacked him with a knife, she poured her feelings into a letter, which she then destroyed. However, the police recovered the fragments and the letter shows “a harrowing insight into her life,” according to Chief Inspector Andy Smith:

“She felt unable to cope with the situation and apologetically outlined her intention to take her children with her,” Chief Inspector Smith said. “In her words: a mother never abandons her children.”

The inquest continues.

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