A mum who doctors believe may have given birth to her own unborn twin woke from a coma claiming she had seen dead people.1pregnLeona Daly, 37, began experiencing episodes of psychosis where she ‘saw Jesus and dead relatives’ after developing a rare neurological condition which caused her body to shut down. She was pregnant when she fell into a coma and when she came round she didn’t remember that she was expecting a baby or recognise her partner.

After she gave birth doctors discovered a tennis ball-sized tumour with hair and teeth, which some medics say could actually be Leona’s unborn twin.  She fell in and out of the coma and eventually woke after almost four months. Leona made incredible progress and started walking again, Alfie was born seven weeks early in October 2011.

Leona said: “Behind Alfie was a large teratoma, a little tumor about the size of a tennis ball with teeth and hair in it, a messy bundles of nerves inside me, a little phantom baby that was fighting Alfie. There’s theories that it could actually be a twin, my twin, it’s just theories but it’s fascinating.

“Between the teratoma and the antibodies I was being attacked at every angle.” Thankfully Alfie wasn’t harmed, Leona has recovered and has set up an interior design business.