A pregnant mum who declined life-saving cancer treatment to save her unborn baby died three days after giving birth. Danielle Janofsky passed away in her husband Max’s arms after her battle with cancer lasted just three weeks.

The mum was six months pregnant when she went to hospital with abdominal pains on February 8 this year. She had found a cancerous mole back in May 2015, which was removed, and had been having regular check ups since. But in February doctors discovered the melanoma – a type of skin cancer which can spread to other organs in the body- had spread to her liver, kidney, stomach and brain.

Danielle decided to put her baby’s life before her own and declined treatment so she could save her unborn baby. Danielle gave birth to Jake on February 24 after a c-section, and sadly passed away just three days later, dying in her husband’s arms.