Pop Star Dies In Desperate Attempt To Save His Little Niece From Drowning At Party

A pop singer who was mistakenly told he had terminal cancer died saving his five-year-old niece from drowning at a beach party he threw to celebrate being given a clean bill of health. Amir Fryszer Guttman, 41, an actor and activist who shot to fame in boy band Hi-five in the late 1990s, had invited 30 friends and relatives to a beach south of Haifa, in the north of Israel.

The party was held on July 22 to celebrate a year since he was given the all-clear – a date he called his “new birthday”. Guttman, another adult and his niece went swimming and were overcome by the rough sea. The father-of-one heroically held the girl above the water until she and the other adult were saved by surfers.

He was swept away and found an hour later before being rushed to hospital in Haifa but doctors could not revive him. The couple’s son, Roy, is now four.

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