Police Searching For “Kidnapped” Girl, 9, Who Disappeared From Wedding Make Arrest

A man has been arrested by police investigating the mysterious disappearance of a nine-year-old schoolgirl from a wedding in the French Alps. Maelys de Araujo has not been seen since around 3am on Sunday when her parents and sister, 12, reported her missing from the family celebration. Dogs smelled a blanket used by Maelys last week but could only pick up her scent as far as the car park of the hall where the wedding party took place, raising fears she was put in a car and driven away.

Today detectives said they’d arrested a man in his 20s who “was not at the wedding party,” but had been scene in the area. “He was spoken to at length on Monday, but there were a lot of inconsistencies in his story,” said an investigating source. ‘He has now been placed in custody for further questioning,’ said the source, who added that the man had not been identified.

Extensive searches are taking place throughout the town, and also in surrounding woodland. Despite the hunt and arrest, no trace has been found of Maelys, who was dressed in a white party dress and was playing with other children in her bare feet before she went missing. So far, the only trace found is a hair clip and a balloon officers found in the forest.

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