A still-born baby whose body was found abandoned at the side of a road earlier this year is finally being laid to rest.coffinThe baby will be given a pauper’s funeral at Wolvercote Cemetery, north of Oxford, on Tuesday. Aware that the anonymous baby has no known relatives, police have invited anyone touched by the baby’s story.  DI Jim Holmes named the baby Raihana, which means ‘heaven’s flower’. She was found on a footpath in Marston, Oxford, eight months ago and an inquest in August found that she had been still-born.

Detective Inspector Holmes said, “Dealing with any person’s death is a tragic event, but when you’re dealing with a child’s death it’s much more penitent, especially if you’re a father or a mother yourself … We know how much the community in Marston and Oxford has been affected by this. My message to the public is you’re welcome to come.”

He added that the local community is also concerned for the baby’s mother as well. “It’s clear to me comments I’ve seen from our previous appeals that there is a great amount of sympathy and caring feeling towards the mother as well as to Raihana. Unfortunately we have had no responses from anyone claiming to be Raihana’s mother or a member of her family, a friend or an associate at all.”

However, he holds out hope of finding her, saying that the force’s door is open to her and that she will not be in trouble if she comes forward.