If you have been watching the Euros, you may be aware that a key footballer has been absent from one of the British teams.ztmour32-year-old Paddy McCourt has a very good reason for standing down from the Northern Ireland team – his wife, Laura, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Laura, was given the diagnosis two months ago after she suffered a seizure in Gatwick returning home from holiday.

“Paramedics were called to the scene and they rang me. They were asking me if she was epileptic or anything like that. They said they were going to send her to East Surrey Hospital. Naturally, I was very concerned,” Paddy explained to the Times. “Within 48 hours it came back that they had found a brain tumour.”

Explaining the situation to Michael O’Neill (Northern Ireland’s manager), Paddy asked that his family situation not be mentioned to the media, explaining that Laura “didn’t need the attention it would have created if [Michael] had said what was really happening.”

Thankfully the tumour was benign.  Paddy added: “It was absolutely nerve-racking but thankfully we were given the best possible news afterwards, which was that everything had been positive. Laura is now recovering and we’re told that in four to six months, please God, she will be completely back to normal.”