Plane Packed With Passengers Bursts Into Huge Fireball On Take Off

An aeroplane burst into a fireball as it attempted to take off. The American Airlines plane carrying 161 passengers had reached breakneck speed and was about to take off on the runway when it came to a fiery crash.

An estimated 2,040 gallons of fuel gushed from the wing, engulfing the right side of the plane in flames. Flames engulfed the Miami-bound plane and smoke billowed out of the engine before it exploded, while the captain terminated the takeoff.

Fire engines attempted to douse the flames using water cannon. Terrified passengers jumped out of the plane, giving themselves a softer landing by falling onto luggage. Experts have said the plane may have crashed if it had taken off into the air. An investigation has found the blaze was sparked after a piece of the plane’s mechanics blew apart and smashed through fuel lines, igniting the roaring fire.

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