PICTURED: Page Boy Prince George Throws A Royal Tantrum – Mum Kate Is NOT Impressed

It’s been dubbed as the biggest society wedding of the year – and it seemed Pippa Middleton’s big day got a little bit too much for some of the smaller guests. Prince George, usually all smiles and waves, broke down in tears after the ceremony at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire.The poor little prince had already had enough as he left the church and was pictured pulling a face as he led the rest of the children scattering confetti in front of Pippa and her new husband. As the Duchess of Cambridge ushered the bridesmaids and page boys towards the cars, ready to whisk them away to the reception, a sulking George burst into tears.Kate was seen turning to her son with a stern face as she read the riot act. This was followed by the ‘that’s enough now’ finger point, a universal hand gesture recognised by stressed mothers everywhere. But all’s well that ends well, as the young Prince soon forgot his tantrum, and was spotted smiling sweetly and waving to passing paparazzi as the cars drove the wedding party to the reception at the Middletons’ family home.

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